Bobita Group

The Bóbita Group’s activities are offered for children 0-3 years old. The 50-minute interactive session uses carefully selected Hungarian rhymes, children’s songs, and games. During this time, parents are actively involved in participating in these activities with their children.

During the sessions, we sing 35-40 children’s songs together with the following blocks:

  • Greeting song
  • Toys, handkerchiefs, fingertips, horsemen
  • Fun circular games, board games, lap games
  • Instrumental (rhythmic rattling and shaking) toys, rhythmic exercises
  • Goodbye song
  • The purpose of the session is, on one hand, to build socialization in the children’s mother tongue and in the other hand, for parents to socialize in Hungarian community with other parents of young children. These activities provide an excellent interface to the Hungarian community for non-Hungarian native speakers of mixed families as well.

In a number of Hungarian communities in Hungary, one of the most important cornerstones of community building is the mother-tongue in the Hungarian language. The Bóbita Group in New York was launched in 2009 and almost three hundred Hungarian young children have participated in the sessions in recent years. Since 2015 the Bóbita Group has been meeting within the framework of the Arany János Hungarian Kindergarten and School.