Hungarian Carnival 2022 – photos

Check out the highlights of our Hungarian Carnival Event @ RDF headquarters, 1065 Madison Avenue, organized by the RDF and the Arany Janos Hungarian School!

We had a great time learning about the traditions of Carnival in Hungary and all around the world through the photo and original busó artifacts (imported from Mohács, Hungary) exhibit that covered our walls. The children showed off their best costumes and got lost in folk dancing and traditional Hungarian games. We created busó masks out of cardboard and real fur, noise making drums out of home-grown pumpkins and sheep skin, we learned the art of felt making and had fun creating lace masks as part of our arts and crafts activities. The faculty of the Hungarian school prepared the delicious doughnuts in house for everyone to enjoy. Without a doubt, the pinnacle of the festivities was the doughnut eating contest. Follow the RDF and/or the Arany Janos Magyar Ovoda es Iskola NYC to be the first to know about our next event.

Árvai Anikó & Vetró Mihály
Recipients of the prestigious Young Master of Folk Art Award, art teachers of the Nádudvar Folk Handicrafts Vocational High School, Hungary

Fészer Band, NJ
Holdvilág Band, NY
Török Melinda, folkdance
Teachers and leadership of Arany János Hungarian School

Arnóczy Margit, Balázsi Gábor, Baksa Brigitta, Sarah Copeland, Hegedűs Hajnal, Kaszta Dénes, Nádudvar Folk Handicrafts Vocational High School, Rakusz Tamás, Rosta Endre Busóudvar – Mohács, Tordai István

Erika Kapin
Tordai István