The Ladybug group is comprised of 3- and 4-year-olds. In this first level of preschool, we promote language skills using playful experiential learning methods. All the elements of a class, that is, folk games, folk dance, folk songs, counting games, nursery rhymes, stories and arts and crafts activities, take place in a relaxed atmosphere under the attentive guidance of the kindergarten teacher. Activities are adapted to the level of the children in the group. Our primary concern is to ensure that children are kept emotionally secure while learning Hungarian.

Typical Daily Schedule

9:45-10:00Welcome, repeat previous week’s topic
introduction of a new topic
10:00-10:15Simple tasks crafts
10:15-10:50Folk dance, folk games, songs
11:20-11:30Nursery rhymes and play
11:30-11:50Tasks and crafts
11:50-12:00Repeat nursery rhymes and play
12:00-12:15Tidying up
12:15-12:25Story time

Times may vary.

Ladybug Group Information