Our Mission


„Blest is the cradle which rocked me to be a Hungarian.”  
János Arany         


The János Arany Hungarian School is a welcoming, nonprofit educational and community-based organization maintaining an impartial world and political view. The school seeks to provide an educational institution and a venue to experience communal events firsthand for Hungarian children and families residing in the New York metropolitan area, as well as facilitate integration into the community for first-, second- and third-generation Hungarian and interethnic families.

Arany János

The educational program devotes special attention to development of the child’s Hungarian language skills embedded in lessons on Hungarian literature, history, geography and culture. In addition, the school provides a multifaceted community and expansive Hungarian cultural experience, in the framework of which, thanks to the intimate environment, not only the children, but parents and teachers as well, are enriched by the shared experiences and relationships formed which may last a lifetime. Students emerge from the program as open-minded young people proud of their bilingualism and their ethnic origins.

The János Arany Hungarian School has served the local Hungarian community for over the course of more than half a century. It has provided a Hungarian education and a community for generations of Hungarians living abroad and has become a second home for many of them living far from home country and families.